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Welcome to Maakiou Coffee Estate

Maakiou Coffee Estate has a long history of coffee farming and commercial dairy production. It was established in 1920 by white settlers at a time when it was only white settlers who could plant coffee. Later it was acquired by a Greek couple, MAMMATAS and APOSTOLOS at independence in 1963. The name roots its origin from the initial of the couple MAA and the KIU (KIOU) River which neighbors the farm.

Our Farm

Consumers are more concerned than ever before about their food’s production, safety, and wholesomeness. Our farm produces high-quality coffee beans, which are shipped all over the world to places like Europe, North America and Asia. We also produce high-quality dairy milk.

Certification Standards

The farm is Rainforest Alliance (RA) and Common Code for Coffee Community (4C) certified under the name of Maakiou Coffee Estate and the general observation on various areas of compliance such as labelling, environmental issues, workers’ rights, occupational health and safety, biodiversity amongst others.

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